Question: how to use myimgs.org?


Here are instructions on how to use this site to upload images, create image galleries and more.

Non registered users can upload images to this site for free, and get a link to the image.

Registered users can save images on this site permanently, registered users can also edit images, assign images to galleries, share image galleries and much more.

1. Register to this site for free using a valid email address.

2. Confirm your email address.

3. Login with your new credentials.

4. Upload an image to MyIMGs.org. (Make sure that you are logged in so that the image will be saved in your account).

5. Create a gallery by clicking on "Create a new gallery".

6. After you've created your first gallery, edit the image that you uploaded in step 4, and attach it to the gallery. You can create many galleries and assign each image to more then 1 gallery.

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